Rock & Sole Plaice Londons oldest fish and chips restaurant

Established in 1871, Rock & Sole Plaice is popular with locals and tourists all day long. Our locally sourced, sustainable, British fish has been described as the best in London and is still prepared using our 145 year old traditional recipe. We have 2 floors of cosy seating inside plus an Al Fresco dining area perfect for those warm summer nights in the heart of Covent Garden.

The best locally sourced,
sustainable, british fish

A little bitof our fishtory

  • The French invented ‘pommesfrites’ (French fries) or as we know it in England the Chip. Both chips and fish were fried, so it was only a matter of time before someone combined the two and traditional fish and chips were born. Prior to this there were fish and bread shops, selling fish & bread on Fridays, based on Jesus feeding the 5000 with fish & bread in the Bible.

  • In 1871 the third ever fish shop opened its doors to London at 47 Endell Street and since that time it has served over six generations of Londoners with the finest fish and chips. The original customers of 47 Endell Street would have been workers from Covent Garden market and from local factories and warehouses.

  • During the Blitz of World War Two, the shop was used to host weekly meetings to discuss how to feed Londoners made homeless during the bombing. Fortunatley enough the shop survived the war although was severly damaged from a bomb blast across the road!

  • Regeneration of London started and the shop was re-built and re-opened as The Negris Fish Bar. The Negris continued to serve the fine traditional fayre of 47 Endell Street to Londoners throughout the swinging 60s and the bellbottomed 70s.

  • Peter and Howard, two local lads, bought the shop and changed the name to the now famous Rock and Sole Plaice. Covent Garden was now a very different place. The fruit and vegetable market was closed down after hundreds of years and all the traders were moved to a modern facility south of the Thames.

  • The Ziyaeddin family bought the business and are still running it 35 years later. It was in the heady days of Covent Garden in the 1980s that the first tourists began to visit the area. They would ask local people ‘What is good British food and where can we get some?’ and they would usually be sent in our direction.

  • To date we are in over 3000 travel guides of London in over 20 languages,we regularly feature in the national and international press, as well as many film and television appearances each year. All this attention really has made the Rock & Sole Plaice the small shop with the big name!

what's on sea menu?


All served with tartare sauce

  • Regular Cod & Chips£15.00
  • Large Cod & Chips£18.00
  • Regular Haddock & Chips£15.00
  • Large Haddock & Chips£18.00
  • Regular Plaice & Chips£15.00
  • Large Plaice & Chips£18.00
  • Regular Rock & Chips£15.00
  • Large Rock & Chips£18.00
  • Regular Skate & Chips£15.00
  • Large skate & Chips£18.00
  • Regular Lemon Sole & Chips£15.00
  • Large Lemon Sole & Chips£18.00
  • Halibut & Chips£23.00
  • Calamari & Chips£14.00
  • Whole Tail Scampi & Chips£16.00
  • Fishcake & ChipsSingle£5.00
  • Double£7.00
  • Cod RoeSingle£6.00
  • (Caviar Of The Cod)Double£8.00

Pies & Savouries

All served with chips

  • Chicken Breast Nuggets (6)£9.00
  • Chicken & Mushroom Pie£7.50
  • Steak & Kidney Pie£7.50
  • Beef & Onion Pie£7.50
  • Cornish Pastie£7.50
  • Battered Beef Sausage£5.00
  • Double£7.00
  • Saveloy (Smoked Pork Sausage London Style)
  • Double£7.00

Opening Hours

Mon-Sat: 11.30am-11.30pm
Sunday: 12pm - 10pm

Please note that the last restaurant orders are taken one hour before closing time.


All served with Chips

  • Veggie Pastie£7.50
  • Cheese & Onion Pastie£7.50
  • Crispy Coated Camembert£8.00


  • Hommus (v)£4.00
  • Camembert & Cranberry (v)£5.00
  • Calamari (6)£6.00
  • Prawn Garlic Twists (5)£6.00
  • Battered King Prawns (3)£6.00


  • Mushy Peas£2.00
  • Garden Peas£2.00
  • Heinz Beans£2.00
  • Curry Sauce£1.00
  • Gravy£1.00
  • Onion Rings£3.50
  • Plate of Chips£4.00
  • Mixed Green Salad£4.00
  • Turkish Shepherd Salad£5.50
  • Coleslaw£3.00
  • Pickled Onion£0.50
  • Gherkin£1.00
  • Pickled Egg£1.00
  • Bread Roll£1.00
  • Sliced Bread£1.00


  • Jam Sponge£5.00
  • Spotted Dick£5.00
  • Sticky Toffee£5.00
  • Banana Fritter£5.00


WHITE WINES Glass (175ml)Bottle

  • House White£4.00£14.00
  • Pinot Grigio£4.00£16.00
  • Chardonnay£4.00£18.00
  • Chablis£4.00£23.00


  • Coke / Diet Coke£2.00
  • Fanta£2.00
  • Sprite£2.00
  • Mineral Water£2.00


  • House Rose£4.00£18.00

Still / Sparkling

  • Orange Juice£2.00
  • Apple Juice£2.00
  • Pineapple Juice£2.00
  • Grapefruit Juice£2.00
  • Iced Tea£3.00

Red Wines

  • House Red£4.00£14.00
  • Merlot£4.00£16.00
  • Pinot Noir£4.00£18.00

Hot Drinks

  • Tea(330ml)£2.00
  • Herbal Tea(330ml)£2.00
  • Cappucino(330ml)£3.00
  • Latte(330ml)£3.00
  • Espresso(330ml)£2.00
  • Hot Chocolate(330ml)£3.00


  • Budvar (CZ)(330ml)£4.50
  • EfesPilsner (TR)(330ml)£4.00
  • Peroni (IT)(330ml)£4.50
  • Heineken (H)(330ml)£4.00
  • Stella Artois (B)(330ml)£4.00

Our Food & Drinks PDF here


  • London Pride (LDN)(500ml)£5.00

FISH IndividualWith chips

  • Cod£8.00£10.00
  • Large Cod£9.50£11.50
  • Haddock£8.00£10.00
  • Large Haddock£9.50£11.50
  • Plaice£11.50£10.00
  • Large Plaice£8.00£11.50
  • Rock£9.50£10.00
  • Large Rock£8.00£11.50
  • Skate£9.00£11.00
  • Large Skate£10.00£12.00
  • Scampi£9.00£11.00
  • Fish Cakes£2.00£4.00
  • Cod Roe£2.00£4.00


  • Mushy Peas£2.00
  • Heinz Baked Beans£2.00
  • Coleslaw£2.00
  • Onion Rings£2.00
  • Gravy£0.80
  • Pickled Onion£2.00
  • Pickled Gherkin£2.00
  • Pickled Egg£2.00


  • Mineral Water£1.00
  • Canned Drinks£1.00
  • Tea£1.50
  • Coffee£1.50

NON-FISH IndividualWith chips

  • Chicken Breast Nuggets£4.20£6.00
  • Steak and Kidney£3.00£5.00
  • Chicken and Mushroom £3.00£5.00
  • Beef and Onion£3.00£5.00
  • Cheese and Onion£3.00£5.00
  • Cornish Pasty£3.00£5.00
  • Beef Sausage£2.00£4.00
  • Saveloy£2.00£4.00

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