Our Safe Food Service

Author: Ahmet Ziyaeddin

Date Posted: 8/05/2020

Dear Customer,

It was with a great sadness that on the 23rd March this year, the doors of the Rock & Sole Plaice were locked down along with the rest of the UK. Since 1980 the doors have opened seven days a week. Only closing for Christmas day and New Years Day, so the last number of weeks has been hard, isolated from the community and the work that we love. 

With the information now available on COVID-19 we have spent the last few weeks getting prepared to operate as a Take – Away service only, in accordance with the latest government guidelines.


  • All Rock & Sole Plaice (RSP) staff were fully furloughed and have observed strict isolation during the lock down.
  • Upon arrival all RSP staff are temperature checked and sign declaration of health
  • RSP has always had individual staff lockers and on-site laundry for uniforms.
  • Before work, uniforms (hats, chef whites, chef trousers, aprons and work shoes) and PPE (protective gloves and surgical face masks) are inspected visually.
  • Observing the 2-meter rule, staff have been allocated designated stations and do not travel outside their given perimeter and job station.


  • The entire supply chain of ingredients and packaging; has always been and always will be UK based producers
  • All goods delivered on-site are disinfected at our depot before then being delivered by our own van to the shop.
  • FISH: Our fish is only handled by humans twice from the ocean to you. Contact is made at  the filleting processing plant in Peterhead Scotland and our chef.
  • CHIPS: From Harvesting of the potatoes to packing them into sacks has been fully automated for many years. The only people that will have direct contact will be only our chef (total 1 person contact)
  • MEAT & VEGETABLES: Our supply chain is based on UK produce and accredited, always was and will continue to be.
  • PACKAGING: Our policy has always been to source UK production and will continue to do so


  • To prevent congestion at the shop we have now been able to bring you, our customer an online click and collect service with automated payment.
  • Upon arrival at the shop you will notice that we are operating two service hatches, one for placing orders and payments and the other for food collection only. It is arranged that our staff will always be standing at least 2-meters within the shop .
  • We ask customers to please not to reach in and grasp the packaging directly person to person; but to allow the serving staff member to deposit the order to the serving counter and to then step away before you collect it. Your understanding on this point is most appreciated.


  • We encourage the use of online payments whilst ordering with the website.
  • Our contactless card readers will be wiped down with sanitiser after each use.
  • Reluctantly and hopefully not too often we shall accept cash also. We do understand that some customers may not have card facilities and may need to pay cash. Here we ask that you place your money on a dish which we will then remove. All the change we give back will have been fully disinfected thoroughly before hand. 

As a family we have participated at the forefront of the quality fish and chips for 40 years and adapted to the pace of change serving the customer and community to the highest levels of standard and commitment. We endeavour to continue to do this for you our customer in this the most worrying of times. We hope outlining the measures we are implementing are offering you our customer the reassurance that all precautions have been addressed and we all stay protected.

Cheers and lets all stay safe and healthy,

The Rock & Sole Plaice Family

The Rock & Sole Plaice

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