Guy Fieri Review

World famous chef and celebrity Guy Fieri and his son Hunter filmed at the Rock and Sole Plaice in 2015. The programme “European Vacation” was part of a whirlwind tour of Europe in less than 30 days. The reason was that Guy had always promised Hunter to take him to Europe on his 18th birthday. Guy wanted Hunter to experience the same places that he had whilst a trainee chef. When they arrived for the London leg of the tour we were their first port of call. You can see the video in full on our website but here are some of the quotes from a real food hero.

“ When in London what do you try? Without a doubt Fish & Chips. And I have set him up with the Fish & Chip Gurus of London. The Rock and Sole Plaice here in Covent Garden London. This is the Legit joint!!” Guy Fieri

“I’ve seen a lot of fryers, cooked in a lot of fryers, cleaned a lot of fryers but I have never seen a fryer this big before!!” Hunter Fieri

“ This is fantastic, I just took a bite of it, it’s flaky, it’s light, you can taste the fish, nice crunch on the batter but not too much, there’s way more fish than batter.” Guy Fieri

“This is the best fish and chips I have ever had in my life!!” Hunter Fieri

“ Oh my God this is SO GOOD!! Guy Fieri



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